Activities While at Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge

Embarking on a gorilla tracking adventure in the heart of one of Africa’s most ecologically diverse forests is a dream that resides on the bucket list of many intrepid travelers. When you choose to stay at the extraordinary Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge, not only will you have the privilege of tracking gorillas in the esteemed Ruhija Sector, but you will also be blessed with a rare opportunity to reside within earshot distance of three remarkable gorilla families: Bitukura, Mukiza, and Kyaguliro.

Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla Tracking in one of Africa’s most ecologically diverse forests is a bucket list goal.

  • Date: Permits Are Subject To Availability
  • Time: Gorilla Trekking Starts At 8am
  • Cost: $700 Or Permit + $30 Handling Fee Per Person
  • Area: Ruhija Sector
Accommodation Pathways
Activities in Bwindi Forest

More About Gorilla Tracking in Ruhija

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring world of these magnificent creatures as you witness their daily rituals and behaviors, all from the vantage point of your exclusive sanctuary. The proximity of our lodge to these gorilla families offers a truly immersive experience, allowing you to connect with these gentle giants on a deeply intimate level.

At Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge, we believe that the most meaningful and transformative experiences are born from a genuine connection with nature and its magnificent creatures. By choosing to stay with us, you will embark on an extraordinary journey that transcends mere observation, as you forge a profound bond with the gorillas that call this pristine forest their home.

Booking Your Gorilla Tracking Activities to Bwindi

Gorilla permits can sell out quickly, especially in the peak season months of June-October. It is advisable therefore to book your permits months in advance.

We are always happy to help our guest’s book and purchase gorilla permits. Alternatively, you can contact a licensed tour operator of your choice.

The more you learn about the dignity of the gorilla, the more you want to avoid people.

Activities in Bwindi Forest

About The Gorilla Tracking Activities

A month before your scheduled gorilla tracking, we recommend that you create a workout routine or take regular walks to prepare yourself for the trek especially if your fitness levels are low. It is also advisable to arrive to Bwindi at least a day before your scheduled gorilla trek.

Retire early to bed because you will be up to an early start the next day. You will have an early breakfast at 6:30, have your packed lunch handed to you ensure that you arrive at the park headquarters by 7:45 ready for briefing. The drive from Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge to the park headquarters is 15 minutes.

The gorilla tracking can last from 4 hours to a whole day depending on how far the gorillas ventured out. Ruhija lies at an altitude of 2,340 m on the park’s eastern boundary and is the highest and most beautiful gorilla tracking trailhead. Ruhija first opened its doors to tourists in 2008 when the Bitukura group was habituated for tracking.

Batwa Culture Experience

History and Culture, Batwa Trail Experience

Batwa Cultural Experience
Batwa Cultural Experience

Where does the Batwa Experience start from?

The experience starts from the Batwa Craft shop and office located in the Buhoma trading center a few meters from the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park gate. It is from there that your guide will take you to the starting point and then back after the activity.

How long is the Batwa Cultural Experience?

The activity takes up to 5 hours including both the journey to and fro, plus the face to face experience. There is no set time for the activity so it can be flexible. Kindly note that the latest time to depart the craft shop is 2 pm. You can join a morning or afternoon group.

Also popularly known as “the forest people”, the Batwa were the original inhabitants of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest alongside all the birds, elephants and primates. However, when the government of Uganda gazetted the park for tourism, the Batwa were forced to come out of the forest and join the communities along the park boundaries.

Spend an afternoon with them and you will get immersed in their culture. They will dance and sing for you, teach you how to make local brew, light fire from thin air and show you their rudimentary tools.

Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge

What do I need?

  • Hiking boots on, garden grooves, long-sleeved shirts and trousers are required.
  • Rain jacket and coats just in case it rains.
  • Insect repellents are also recommended.

Minimum Number of Visitors

The minimum number of people for the Batwa Experience is one and the maximum is 12 people. Up to 24 people can participate in the Batwa experience per day with 12 moving in the morning and 12 in the afternoon.

Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge

Guided Nature Walks

Challenge yourself and embrace these trails in the forest.

  • Date: Arrange Ahead or At Lodge
  • Time: Convenient for You
  • Cost: $70 per Person
  • Area: Ruhija Forest

Nature Walk Activities While at Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge

Mubwindi Swamp Trail is a must-do for bird lovers. It descends several hundred meters from the trailhead all the way to a swampy area harboring 20 bird species, all Albertine Rift endemics.

The Mubwindi Swamp Trail is a 4-5 hours trail. On this breathtaking trail, you might come across bush elephants, chimpanzees, Gorillas, bush pigs, monkeys, and bushbucks, as all these animals and more call Bwindi home. This Trail is enjoyed in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Ruhija is rich in birds and primates so it is advisable to take a guided nature walk or two to fill your wanderlust. Unlike Buhoma, guided walks in Ruhija cannot be done on the same day you track gorillas because the terrain can be torturous.

Bamboo Trail is a six-hour hike leading up to Rwamunyonyi Peak at an altitude of 2,607m which is the highest point of the park. When travelers reach the top, they are able to see Lake Bunyonyi, the vast majority of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and the Virunga Volcanoes in Congo. This Trail is enjoyed in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Village Walk in Ruhija Sector

Village Walks

Get to know the community

  • Date: Arrange Ahead Or At Lodge
  • Time: Convenient For You
  • Cost: $25 Per Person
  • Area: Ruhija 

Village walks in Ruhija are fun and enlightening. They give you a glimpse into the life of the locals around the national park.

A community guide will take you around and also suggest fun activities for you. Village walks can last from 2 to 4 hours depending on your interests. All proceeds from these walks go back to improving the livelihoods of community members.

Ruhija is a great place for village walks and guests who are interested in visiting the local community, please let our staff know about special arrangements.

Options include visiting a local school, a traditional local healer, a banana brewery or combining the community tour with a nature tour. Whatever tour you take will equip you with knowledge of how the people in and around Ruhija live.

If required, the lodge can arrange a private performance for the guests the lodge by children from the local orphanage – A beautiful sing and dance performance unlike anything you have ever experienced.